Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Sticky Situation

By Julie Rahm
     It was September 30, 2008. My husband John said the repair would take fifteen minutes. I knew the estimate was optimistic. Nothing associated with boats takes fifteen minutes. But, I deferred and John boarded our boat, tube of 3M 5200 adhesive in hand. When John unscrewed the cap, Pandora’s evil box was opened up. Because the tube was crushed, this white concoction from hell oozed onto the deck and John. Technical language ensued as John struggled to get the mess onto a rag. Unfortunately, some boomeranged off the rag and back onto John’s hands. When John stood up using his hands to push off the deck, Satan’s material was left behind. Unknowingly, John stepped into the mess leaving white footprints on the cabin top. Immediately, John sat down to remove his shoes. Now, 5200 stuck onto John’s butt. He quickly realized what had happened and stood back up. While struggling to remove the other shoe, a gust of wind caught the rag with its payload of 5200. The rag bounced across the deck and into the cockpit. It looked like some wild animal had tracked over our boat leaving white footprints. John briefly considered jumping into the water to break this catastrophic chain of events. But, the water was cold and sensibility prevailed. So, John stripped off his jeans and stepped quickly off the boat. He walked off the marina pier as nonchalantly as possible. Other people in the marina tried not to notice. But, it was an unfortunate decision to wear white briefs instead of colored boxers. It’s amazing how white underwear can look in bright sunlight!
     Weeks later, some of John’s leg hair was still cemented to his calves and thighs. I’m sure the 5200 spots in the car will be the lasting reminder once John grows new skin and hair. There is still 5200 all over the boat. The rag that blew into the cockpit is firmly glued in a good spot to wipe your feet. And, I failed to notice the 5200 when I washed John’s underwear. They are now firmly attached to the inside of our dryer, never to be removed. I’m wondering how many souls 3M had to sacrifice to bribe the 5200 recipe from the devil. This stuff is a remarkable product when used by the skilled. But be advised; when this wonder adhesive comes out of its tube, be on guard. Its molecular composition gives it a mind of it’s own. So my point this week, in addition to warning you about the perils of 3M 5200, is to remind you that even the small jobs can suddenly become a nightmare. When they do, stop what you’re doing. Take five deep breaths to center yourself. And then you can resolve the nightmare with a happy ending.
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