Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pile Driving

By Julie Rahm

     Our neighborhood has a community pier. It has ten boat slips that are deeded to ten pieces of property. The combination of ground and boat slips makes the property desirable. Unfortunately, the entire dock was destroyed during hurricane Irene. The planking was strewn up and down the creek. Neighbors chain-sawed the remains of the pier into manageable pieces and hauled them to the landfill. Only a skeleton of pilings survived marking the location of what once was a dock. The wreckage stands in place as monument to the storm, until this week.
     On Monday morning, the drone of diesel engines echoed across the creek. Like the cavalry to a fight with the Indians, in rides Bobby Prescott with his marine construction business. The ten-member boat owners association contracted with Bobby to repair the pier. Bobby brought his barge, skiffs and backhoes. Bobby’s guys are busy yanking out the damaged pilings and driving in the replacements. After the pilings are driven, they will construct the decking on top. It is incredibly demanding work performed in demanding conditions. Despite the heat and rain, progress has been remarkable.
     Building things is difficult. Building things in the water is extremely difficult. Most important are the pilings. Extra care is taken to ensure the pilings are straight and located exactly. If the pilings are incorrect, the decking on the pier will be nearly impossible to complete. It occurred to me as I watched Bobby’s crew (expertly) drive the pilings that life can be like building a pier. To achieve the quality life you desire, your pilings must be placed in an exact manner. If your life pilings are mis-driven, your decking will be lopsided and difficult to navigate. What are life pilings you ask?
     The pilings of your life pier are many. Education is a piling of life. Failure to complete school can lead to difficult “decking for your pier” and limited life opportunities. Another piling of life can be your choice of spouse. A poor choice of spouse is surely a crooked piling and will lead to a crooked pier. Another choice, abusing drugs and alcohol, is like intentionally driving a piling in crooked. It will be difficult to construct a proper life with that choice. Financial responsibility is yet another piling for a quality life. Purchasing things you cannot afford is driving a piling into the wrong spot. A characteristic of a quality life is lack of financial burden. Financial pilings must be in the right spot or your decking may not reach.
     So my point this week is, be like Bobby Prescott when driving pilings. Be careful when you are driving the pilings of your life. Place them correctly and drive them straight and deep. With proper pilings, the pier of life you deserve and desire will be easier to build.
     If you need any marine construction improvement, call Bobby Prescott. If your life needs improvement, contact me via my website,

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