Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Dog He's Not Getting

By Julie Rahm
Our dog, Tank was born here in Pamlico County at Lisanne Erickson’s Oriental Pet Parlor. Tank is a Yorkshire terrier. He was first born in a litter of seven. Lisanne and I are friends, so she allowed me to visit the new puppies as often as I could. Tank seemed to favor me more than the other puppies. I wanted to adopt Tank and make him part of our family. My husband, John always had dogs when he was younger. But now, he was very opposed to the idea of getting a dog. “No dog” was the mandate from John. John even told our friends he was “not getting this dog”. I was broken-hearted. I really wanted Tank. One by one, the other puppies were adopted. Soon only Tank was left. It seemed no one wanted Tank because he was not a “show Yorkie”. Tank was big and looked more like a Miniature Schnauzer than a Yorkie.
To help socialize Tank, Lisanne allowed me to bring him to our house for play dates. John enjoyed Tank and was both glad and sad to see Tank go home at the end of the day. One play day, around five in the afternoon, John reminded me Tank needed to go home soon. I told John, “Lisanne is not expecting Tank back today”. John was confused and asked if Tank was spending the night. I paused long enough for my perceptive husband to realize a plan was unfolding. “You bought this dog!” he accused. I confessed, “Yes, I bought him.” I defended myself by offering, “If you still don’t want him by the end of the week I will take him back.” John and I both knew there was no way Tank was going to be returned after a week of bonding. Tank worked his magic with John. Now Tank and John are inseparable. The two would be completely inseparable but John closes the bathroom door! Otherwise, the two would be a pair 24/7! If you see John driving our big white truck, chances are there will be a little gray furry head sticking up from the passenger seat.
I knew the two would be this way. I was certain enough to risk damaging my marital relationship. In this case, disregarding John’s desires was the right thing to do. However, I coach my clients not to do things this way! Disregarding your spouse’s desires is fraught with risk. But, there can be great reward by sticking to your guns.
So, my message this week is if you are certain, be assertive. Do not be distracted if you are right. Have courage and be rewarded by a decision well executed. And, when you see Tank around town, give him a scratch behind his ears. He’s the dog John’s not getting!
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