Saturday, May 26, 2012

Three Part Harmony

By Julie Rahm

As you recall from last week, my husband John, our neighbor Jim and four others will race our sailboat in the Bermuda Ocean Race. This sailboat-only race starts in Annapolis, Maryland and ends 753 miles later at the British island of Bermuda. John has prepared for the race in three parts. First, we have equipped and organized our boat for open ocean racing. Secondly, John and Jim have recruited and trained an outstanding crew. And lastly, John has prepared himself by physically training for the race. I view our Bermuda Ocean Race preparation as a microcosm for preparing for a successful life. Here is why.
Like our boat, households must be prepared for success. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Be organized and disciplined. The seeds of your success are planted in your household. Success must be able to root and grow in your household environment. Your surroundings must be fertile and able to support you in your efforts to thrive and prosper. Dispose of the old and unused. These items are using up space. Create space in your life for new success by creating space in your household. Success needs room to move in.
Secondly, prepare your friends like they are your sailboat racing crew. You are the sum of the people with whom you spend the most time. If your friends are not serving you well, seek other “crew members”. Your “boat” does not have enough room for blamers or permanently pessimistic crew members. People who prosper have good friends. Your friends must be the wind in your sails. If your friends are more like anchors, it is time for their season with you to end. It is likewise with family members. Granted, it is more difficult to avoid family. There are the holiday obligations. But, sharing genetics does not obligate you to share your time. Be aware, guard yourself and take precautions against family that are not good “crew members for your boat”.
Lastly, prepare yourself both physically and mentally. Be in good physical condition. Join the Village Health Club. Hire Mary Beth as your personal trainer. Good fitness will fuel your efforts to acquire the life you desire. Successful people maintain high energy levels by staying in good physical condition. Happy people are in good physical condition. Also, prepare mentally. Watch less negative television. Read more and continue learning. I read fifty books a year. John tells people he is concerned our house will collapse under the weight of all the books! Reading activates your imagination. And, be a connoisseur. Those without a developed palate for wine will not be able to discern and enjoy a fine wine. It is likewise for reading. Reading will develop your palate for life. You will be better able to enjoy life and relish your experiences.
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