Sunday, February 19, 2012

Round Peg You

By Julie Rahm

I studied a lot of science and math in high school. Later, while in college, I studied more science, more math and especially some very punishing physics. After college, I worked for the U.S. Navy. My goal in college was to earn well paying job that gave me a good quality life. I thought little about how I wanted to spend my days and a lot about who was hiring and for how much. So, early in life, “round-peg” me pounded myself into a square hole. It was only when I became “middle-aged”, that I allowed myself to notice what I really like doing. At heart, I am a social scientist. I am a learning junkie who enjoys teaching and coaching humans. As America’s Mindset Mechanic, I “tune up” individuals who want to be peak performers. Or more exactly, I “tune up” peoples mindsets so they can be their best selves. My point is; it took me many years to allow myself the luxury of being who I really am. I will not say I’ve waste a lot of time earning technical degrees. It was valuable learning that taught me how to think. But, now that I’ve found my niche, I am much more fulfilled. And, I still have a good quality life.

There is no dress rehearsal in life. It is one show and done. So my message this week is to encourage you to find your own niche. If you are round, do not pound yourself into a square hole for the sake of earning money. You have the appropriate talents that you are intended to use. Our youngest daughter has learned this lesson while still young. She is attending Florida State and earning a degree, not in engineering, but in literature. She really likes her curriculum. When she graduates, her chosen occupation will be one she enjoys. Inevitably, she will earn a good enough living because she will be aligned with her likes. You see, in life, alignment matters. If the tires on your car are misaligned, there will be excessive wear. In life, if you are misaligned with your “likes”, there will be excessive wear on you! If you are worn out from life, perhaps you need an alignment. A personal re-alignment starts with finding out who you are and what you like. Personality and values assessments can be helpful. The personality and values assessments today are much different than the ones of yester year. Do some research and find one that suits your needs. Contact me and I can help determine one or two that are best for you. Self-discovery is your most important work. If you don’t know yourself, your hunt for fulfillment will be a random search. Once you know about you, sorting the various options on occupations is much easier. Don’t pound the round you into that square hole. Visit my web site at and learn more about having the life your desire.

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Alay'nya said...

The analogy being "wear on our tires" due to "misalignment" and "wear on our lives" because we're "misaligned" with our core sensibilities is really great! I'll remember this one, and share it with others!

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