Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Prolate Spheroid

By Julie Rahm
I love the game of football. I particularly enjoy the playoffs. During the playoffs, the level of tenacity and competitiveness increase dramatically. Teams either win or go home. Losers watch next week’s game on television. Win a playoff game and your season continues.

Granted, football is an acquired taste. I learned to enjoy the game at a young age. Then, the Dallas Cowboy training camp was down the street from my childhood home in Thousand Oaks, California. During the summer, I wandered down the street to watch literally hundreds of practices. The practices were open. We were able to get up close to the players. We kids brought them water and helped carry their equipment. I remember asking Coach Landry why Randy White was running extra laps around the track. He answered, “Randy didn’t have a good practice today.” I think the punishment laps were effective because Randy White was the sixth Cowboy elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame. And, in Super Bowl Twelve, Randy White shared Most Valuable Player honors with defensive end Ed White. It was the first time two defensive linemen had shared the award. I remember that Randy White was not as friendly as safety Charlie Waters. I was a favorite of Charlie Waters, who said I reminded him of his daughter. Evidently, Charlie Waters missed his daughter while at training camp. I often carried Ed “Too Tall” Jones’ shoulder pads. One of my most cherished pictures is of me, waist high, to Ed “Too Tall”. So, with the Cowboy training camp experience firmly entrenched in my childhood, it was natural for me to attend the University of Nebraska, a school with a great football tradition.

While my personal connection with football is interesting, my real message this week is that football matters. In our culture, football plays a major role. Forbes Magazine estimates the worth of the Dallas Cowboys at $1,850,000.00. That is one billion, eight hundred and fifty million! Their revenue is over $400 million a year and earnings top $120 million. The least expensive team in the league is the Jacksonville Jaguars at $725 million. Twenty-seven-million fans play Fantasy Football. If you don’t have at least a rudimentary understanding of football, you will have minor difficulties relating to others in the community. For starters, intentional grounding is not something you do to your kids!

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