Saturday, August 13, 2011

Junk in the Front Yard

By Julie Rahm
Some homes here in my County have junk in their front yards. A lot of this junk has resided in these yards for a long time. It seems most of this trash is multi-generational junk. There is Granddad’s car, Dad’s boat, the family refrigerator from 1970 and assorted farm implements meant for horses. All of this junk could be recycled instead of rusting away in a front yard. Within city limits, there are ordinances preventing the tarnishing of the landscape. But, outside the limits of town incorporation, folks are free to use their front yards as a personal landfill.

It sounds like I am bothered by all the front yard junk. In fact, I am not bothered by it at all. It’s not the front yard junk that bothers me. As America’s Mindset Mechanic, I am bothered by the mental junk that individuals carry around in their heads. Mental junk is those useless beliefs that clutter our thinking. Just like an old family car that rusts away in the yard, useless mental junk muddles the mind and never leaves the landscape. The lawn can grow up around the car and partially hide the eyesore. But, you can see it from the street and you still know it’s there. Likewise with mental junk; it can be partially hidden but others often recognize it. Some examples of mental junk that I hear are: “I’m not smart. I can’t do it. I’m not pretty”. This negative self talk bothers me more than all the lawn junk in the County combined. The destructive nature of negative thoughts can’t be over stated. Why? Because your thoughts affect the way you feel. The way you feel affects your actions. And, your actions drive the results you get in life. Your thoughts are the single most important factor in living the life you want. Like the front yard junk, some of this negative thinking is multi-generational mental junk.

As a multi-generational example of mental lawn junk, I’ve heard, “I can’t go to college. Nobody in my family ever goes to college.” This young person, even though he’s got the intelligence and financial resources to attend college, will not go to college to better his station in life. What you believe, you will get. The junk in this young man’s head destines him to life of labor free from choices, in the family tradition.

So, instead of using your mind as your personal landfill by putting that worthless junk in your mental front yard, toss out those negative thoughts about yourself. Get them off the property and away from you. You are a special person. Beware of letting negative self talk ruin your life. Keep your mental front lawn free from the debris of life.

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