Friday, March 11, 2011

Happiness All Around

By Julie Rahm

Happiness is there, right in front of you. All it takes is the mindset to see and hear it. Happiness is all about our mindset. Our mindset includes thoughts, perspectives, beliefs, and expectations. Thoughts affect the way we feel. Feelings drive our actions. And, our actions determine our resulting happiness. If you want happiness as a result, stop and fix your mindset. You will discover the happiness that has always been present in everyday life.

Too often, we overlook happiness. In January 2007, the Washington Post conducted a social experiment where a violinist played in the Washington, D.C. subway for 45 minutes. He played six pieces from Bach during which approximately 2,000 commuters passed by. He collected $32 from commuters tossing change into his violin case. Very few noticed or cared. Children paused and displayed the most interest. Every time children paused, their parents dragged them off not wanting to be delayed. The violinist was world renowned Joshua Bell. He is one of the top violinists in the world. Every one of his concerts sells out well in advance. Tickets to hear him play are almost impossible to get. The average price of a Joshua Bell concert ticket is well over $100. In the Washington, D.C. subway during that cold January morning Joshua Bell played a violin worth over 3.5 million dollars. Yet, in a hurry, the passers by in the subway did not perceive the beauty. Their commuter mindset masked the beauty of a Joshua Bell violin concert! My point is that if you want to experience life’s riches, do not be a commuter going through the subway of life.

So, how do you stop commuting through life? The solution is easy and anyone can do it. Simply use my Mindset Mechanic Tool Kit. The metaphorical level creates self awareness by indicating an out of balance condition. The metaphorical flashlight highlights those thoughts that are not serving you well, taking you away from the happiness you desire. Pluck those ill-serving thoughts from your mind with the metaphorical pliers. Then, hammer in a framework for a more positive mindset, one believable thought at a time.

Personally, our dog Tank notices everything. He shows me when my own level is out of balance and when my priorities are out of order. When Tank sees other dogs, he stops whatever he is doing and runs to greet them. And, playtime ensues.

So, stop and hear the music. Slow down. Life’s riches are before you. You do not have to purchase a high priced violin concert ticket. Even if you are in the subway of life, the music is still there if you pause long enough to hear the notes. Learn from children and dogs. Lift your head and look around. Happiness is all around.

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