Sunday, February 6, 2011

Get Energy with an Energy Tune-Up

By Julie Rahm

Are you holding on to past hurts, resentments or other emotional clutter? If so, your energy is being drained by old pain and anger. Remember, what you focus on grows. So let’s get into the Mindset Mechanic Metaphorical Tool Kit and tune up your energy by tuning out emotional clutter! The first tool you need is the metaphorical level. If the metaphorical level remains off balance due to revengeful thinking and anger, you cannot direct your energy toward the future you desire. Let go of the past by cutting its cord with the next tool - the metaphorical utility knife. By letting go you are free to create a more positive future. Cutting the cord to the past means forgiveness and moving on with your life.

Forgiveness is really about you, not the other person. By forgiving you are not freeing the other person from their offense; you are releasing yourself from it. You do not need to condone their behavior, preserve the relationship with them, or trust them. You do need to free yourself permanently from all of the negative emotions associated with them.

As you practice forgiving, ensure that you complete the cycle. Shine the metaphorical flashlight on your fears, anger and hurt. Then, hammer in responsibility for any part you played in the situation. Think about what you wanted from the other person. Then, change perspectives and view the entire event from the other person’s point of view. Allow yourself to see through their eyes. Imagine what that person was experiencing and what needs he or she was trying to fulfill at the time. Finally, let go and move on by cutting the cord with the metaphorical utility knife. Every trip through the forgiveness process makes you better at avoiding similar situations and better at handling each moment.

Some moments are harder than others. Transgressions by trusted friends, family or co-workers are certainly more emotionally charged than offenses by strangers. However, any negative emotional charge can block your energy. Understanding that prompted my husband Johnny and me to develop a daily forgiveness habit together. Every night before bedtime we review the day and forgive ourselves and others. For instance, we forgive the person who took 20 items through the “10 items or less” cashier’s line ahead of us when we were in a hurry; and the driver who cut us off in traffic; and Tank the Wonder Dog for chewing our reading glasses; and ourselves for leaving reading glasses on the coffee table. You get the idea. We free ourselves from the frustration, anger and hurts of the day so we can sleep peacefully.

A daily forgiveness habit together with your spouse keeps the magic alive in your relationship. The habit provides a positive opportunity to take responsibility for your respective roles in the events of the day. So, you can release both yourself and your mate, and keep your energy flowing! Find our more about tuning up your energy at

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