Sunday, February 27, 2011

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

By Julie Rahm

Consider that your attention is a very important commodity. When you are using your computer, companies are using Internet programs to track where your attention goes. Businesses pay huge money to learn what you are watching. Media outlets subscribe to ratings services. Grocery stores have membership cards to track your purchases. In addition, your boss, co-workers, spouse, children, friends and pets all compete for your attention. Indeed, attention is one of your most valuable commodities.

So what happens when your attention is undisciplined? Have you ever watched a puppy play? Our puppy Tank sniffs around the backyard randomly from one scent to another. His path resembles a spider web or modern art. By not mastering your attention, you become like meandering Tank. Since energy flows where attention goes, allowing attention to wander drains your energy. Fatigue and overwhelm set in even if you sat behind a desk all day. Your attention must be corralled.

Let’s get into my Mindset Mechanic Tool Kit and tune up your ability to focus attention by choosing your thoughts! First, determine where you spend your attention throughout the day. Use the metaphorical flashlight to illuminate your thoughts. Try this exercise. At the end of each day, review where you spent attention and whether your energy level (alert, focused, awake) was low, medium or high. Draw a chart with time on the horizontal line and energy level on the vertical line. Plot your energy level each hour with a word describing what you were doing. Notice the patterns that develop.

Typically, your attention will flow in three ways: (1) toward the outside world, (2) toward your internal world, (3) toward creativity and other people. Attention grabbers in the outside world are simply anything that distracts you. The attention grabber in the internal world is the insecure ego. It heckles you are not good enough; you messed up again; and you deserve things you do not have. Between the distractions of the external and internal worlds, you have no energy left to expend on creative endeavors and relationships. Instead, you may find yourself in a downward spiral looking to others to replenish your energy. Often, others have the same energy deficits and are seeking a boost from you. The deficits collide and relationships suffer.

Replenish your own energy by reaching into the Mindset Mechanic Tool Kit. Based on the charts you made, use the metaphorical hammer to hammer in the framework for focusing attention on what keeps your energy level high. Trade negative self-talk for a positive vision of your future. Then, develop a daily habit of meditating for 15 minutes. Meditating connects you to God, the infinite energy source.

So manage your attention and keep your energy high. Energy flows where your attention goes. Enjoy your new-found energy in creative expression and relationships!

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