Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Secret to Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Julie Rahm
Do you find yourself setting the same New Year’s resolutions year after year? If so, this is the year to get them done! In the next few paragraphs, I will present a three-part plan of action containing a secret that is guaranteed to bring success. The three components of the action plan are motivation, resources, and habits.

Part one of the action plan is motivation. You need something big enough to motivate you no matter what obstacles to success arise. You will need your metaphorical screwdriver. The screwdriver will remind you to connect your intentions with your actions by writing down each resolution at the top of a blank sheet of paper. Now, imagine that a genie has granted your wish and the resolution is accomplished. How would your life be different? Underneath the resolution, make a list of all the things you can be, do or have when you achieve the resolution. Again, imagine a genie has made the new list a reality. Now, how would your life be different? Continue the list with additional ways your lifestyle would change. Imagine everything on the list is a reality in your life and then decide how satisfied with your life you would be. On a scale from one to ten, with one being pathetic and ten being completely awesome, rate your satisfaction level with life. If you did not answer with a ten, what would it take to make it a ten?

For example, say my resolution is to weigh xxx lbs. When I weigh xxx lbs the benefits will include more confidence and self esteem. My clothes will fit better. I will have more energy at the end of the day. I will feel better so I will smile more. Smiling more will bring more opportunities my way, because people like being around happy people. You get the idea. And when all of those benefits are a reality, additional benefits could be that I would have more influence, make more money, help more people, and have more freedom. Then, I would rate my satisfaction with life with all of those benefits a reality.

The second part of your plan of action is resources. What resources do you need to accomplish your resolution and how can you get those resources? List the resources you need, how much you need, and where and when you can get them. In the example, I need time, money, and people. I need time to exercise, plan meals and shop for food. This time could come from either waking up earlier in the morning or using part of my lunch break. I may need money for a gym membership, a personal trainer, or new running shoes. Instead of a personal trainer, maybe I could get a friend to exercise with me. You get the idea.

The third part of the plan of action is the secret ingredient to success – habits. Identify the habits, beliefs, and behaviors that sabotage you and trade them for new habits and behaviors. Become aware of the rules by which you live that are no longer necessary. Use the metaphorical level, flashlight, pliers, utility knife, and hammer.

When the level indicates your mood is tilting negatively, your thoughts are taking you away from achieving the resolution. Shine the flashlight into the recesses of your mind to reveal what thoughts turned your mood in the wrong direction. Use the pliers to pluck out those thoughts. Delete the cumulative effects of past experiences and memories by using the utility knife to cut the cord to the effects and the memories. Now you are free to handle only the events of the present moment. Use the hammer to hammer in the new thoughts, beliefs, and expectations that will create new habits and behaviors that will ensure success.

Journaling is a very effective way to discover the habits, thoughts, beliefs, and rules you live by that keep you stuck. Whether you journal one sentence or pages, over time you will become aware of your thought patterns so you can trade them for better patterns. My free gift to you as a member of the Mindset Mechanic Community (membership is also free) is a 52-week guided online journal. Visit to join. Start a journaling habit at a frequency you can maintain. When you need help uncovering the habitual thought patterns keeping you stuck, simply click on the button to request coaching and I will communicate with you through your journal.

So as you list your New Year’s resolutions, develop your three-part plans of action that are guaranteed to succeed. First, find your motivation for achieving your resolutions. Second, list the resources you need to succeed. Third, become aware of the habitual thoughts that have kept you stuck. Use your metaphorical tool kit and your guided online journal. And, enjoy your success!

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