Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gifts from the Heart that Don’t Cost a Penny – Your Mindset for Giving

By Julie Rahm

This year so many people do not have the money that they have previously enjoyed. The thought of buying holiday gifts brings the dread of sliding further into debt. If that sounds familiar, it is time to tune up your mindset for giving! Why? Because your thoughts affect the way you feel. The way you feel affects the way you act. And the way you act affects the results you get in your life. Tune up your mindset to create the holidays you want.

The first tool you need is your metaphorical level. Is your level tilting off balance with thoughts of buying gifts, wondering what your loved ones would like, and how you are going to pay for all of it? If so, take out your next tool, your metaphorical flashlight, and shine light into the dark recesses of your mind. Let your flashlight reveal the thoughts, fears, and emotions that are causing your level to tilt. Do you feel a sense of obligation or responsibility? Do you give gifts because you think you should? Are you afraid your loved ones will be disappointed and reject you if you do not give them expensive gifts? Are you afraid people will judge your level of success by the gifts you give? Everyone will have different reasons for their level tilting off balance.

Once your flashlight reveals the reason your level is tilting, take out your metaphorical pliers and pluck those thoughts, emotions, or fears out of your mind. Simply recognizing them releases their hold on you. Are you remembering past experiences or memories around gift-giving that feel badly? If so, take out your metaphorical utility knife and cut the cord to the past. Freeing yourself from the clutches of your memories enables you to deal with only what is happening now, which is a much easier task.

Now you are ready to use your metaphorical screwdriver to connect your intentions for prosperous holidays with your actions and results. Use your metaphorical hammer to hammer in your new mindset for giving. Giving comes from the heart. Giving has no strings attached. Give because you want to give, not because you are expecting a particular response in return. Once you give a gift, what happens to it is none of your business. The gift belongs to its recipient. People who understand giving receive gifts with gratitude. To those people, the gift itself is unimportant. What matters is you thought enough of them to give to them. The cost of the gift is of no consequence.

So what can you give that is meaningful and that does not cost a penny? Prosperity coach Teri Hawkins would suggest a note on a beautiful card. In the note, speak from the heart about how much that person means to you and why. Or, give the gift of a hug, a real hug that lasts beyond the normal “back patting and release”. Or, create a coupon book. What have your children or your spouse asked you to do that you have said no to over the past year? Make coupons to do those things in the coming year. And make the coupons redeemable any time. Coupons have the side benefit of making you a better parent or partner, because coupons make you keep your word.

Tune up your mindset for true giving and the pressure of gift giving is relieved. You are free to feel the joy of the reason for the season. May your holidays be filled with love and blessings.

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