Monday, October 18, 2010

Staying Open to New Ideas

By Julie Rahm

Successful people know how to change with the times. They do not get stuck doing the same things in the same way, year after year. They regularly evaluate where they are and what they are doing so they can make adjustments and improve. Just because something worked five years ago does not mean it will still be effective today. We cannot get so set in our ways that we never try anything new. That is what happens to some people who have no zest for life. Every time an opportunity comes for positive change they shrink away from it. They do not realize that is what keeps them from going to the next level in their lives. Their metaphorical levels are tilting out of balance from negative experiences and memories, fears and emotions. In order to keep the sparkle in our lives we need to get our metaphorical levels back in balance and become open for change.

Perhaps you have set out on a new path with an end in mind and things did not work out the way you hoped. In such times often a different opportunity presents itself. And yet you can miss that opportunity completely by not being open for something new.

I heard about a boy named Mike who wanted to be the greatest baseball hitter in the world. Every day he would practice in his backyard. He would say, “I am the greatest hitter in the world!” toss the ball in the air and swing his bat. And he would miss. Strike one. Unphased, he would pick up his ball and with even more enthusiasm say, “I am the greatest hitter of all time in the world!”. He would toss the ball in the air, swing his bat and miss. Strike two. More determined than ever, he would adjust his cap, pick up his ball, and adjust his stance. With passion from his toes he would yell, “I am the world’s greatest hitter of all time in the entire universe!”. He would toss his ball in the air, swing his bat, and miss. Strike three. Without missing a beat, Mike picked up his ball, looked at it and said, “What do you know? I am the greatest pitcher of all time!”. So we need to stay open for something new.

If you feel like you shrink from new opportunities, get clarity about why and bring enthusiasm back to your life by using your metaphorical tool kit to give yourself a mindset tune-up. Use your metaphorical flashlight to shine light on the memories, thoughts and emotions the opportunity brings up in you. Use your metaphorical pliers to pluck out negative thoughts and emotions. Remember, what you are really doing is identifying the truth about what thoughts and emotions are causing your metaphorical level to be out of balance. When you identify the true thought or emotion behind the way you feel, the energy behind it dissipates and you feel relief.

Then, use your metaphorical utility knife to cut the cord to the cumulative effects of bad-feeling experiences and memories being triggered by the opportunity in front of you. Take yourself back to the earliest time you can remember feeling the same way. Who was there? What happened? What did you think and what emotions did you feel at the time? Put your intention on the core of your body and command the cumulative effects of those thoughts and emotions to leave you. They really will. You do not need them any more. This time is not like that time.

Now you are ready to use your metaphorical hammer to hammer in the mindset framework for being open to new ideas and change. Use your metaphorical screwdriver to connect your intentions to stay open for something new with your actions and your actions with results. Use your metaphorical measuring tape to measure your progress. Noticing your progress puts positive energy behind it and builds momentum for more opportunities.

So keep your metaphorical tool kit handy. When the chance comes for something new, like promotion or increase in your life, pay attention to your level. If you are out of balance, give yourself a mindset tune-up so you have clarity in saying yes or no to the opportunity.

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