Friday, October 1, 2010

The Second Secret to Money Flowing Easily and Frequently to You

By Julie Rahm

Forgiveness is like setting a captive bird free and realizing you are the bird. Forgiveness is dismissing all blame. Forgiveness is a way to get into the present. Forgiveness is the second secret to money and prosperity flowing easily and frequently to you.

By forgiving and letting go of blame, guilt and anger you have room to be prosperous, and your metaphorical level stays in balance. What do you get out of not forgiving yourself and others? Blame, guilt and anger take up so much space inside of you that prosperity cannot get in and your metaphorical level remains tilted toward the negative. When you talk about your wounds and hold onto them, you focus your energy on your wounds. You are like the sun in your own life. What you shine on grows; meaning what you focus on grows. Consequently, when you talk about and hold onto your wounds they seem to grow.

Why is it so hard to forgive others? We blame others, because we are unwilling to forgive ourselves. It is impossible to forgive others if we do not forgive ourselves first. Because, we cannot give away what we do not have. We must first create forgiveness in ourselves in order to give it away to others. Use your metaphorical flashlight to shed light on the truth about why you are not forgiving yourself. If you are having trouble identifying the truth, think about the earliest time in your life when you felt the same feelings. Who was there? What was happening? Pluck those thoughts from your mind with your metaphorical pliers. Use your metaphorical utility knife to cut the cords to all of the past times you felt you were unworthy or undeserving of forgiveness. Then hammer in the mindset framework for forgiveness and prosperity by forgiving yourself.

Simply practice forgiving yourself. The energy that is forgiving becomes the energy that is you. Every night for five minutes honor your subconscious and unconscious minds by letting go of the day with forgiveness. Go through the events of the day in your mind. Where you need to let go of something, say “I forgive myself for ________”, or “I forgive _______ for ________”.

Forgiveness is the second key to money and prosperity flowing easily and frequently to you. Forgive yourself and others so peace, contentment, happiness and prosperity have a place to live in you. When you do you are on your way to being your best self!

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