Saturday, October 30, 2010

Energetic Awareness: How I Quantum Leaped to Success When I Let Go of “Motivational” Books, CDs, Videos and Events

By Julie Rahm

For years I have been a self-help junkie. I read books, listened to tapes and CDs, watched videos, and attended events. Speakers got me pumped up and passionate. But, I would awaken the morning after the event and be unable to re-create the “pumped up passion”. My metaphorical level would tilt with discouragement. Thank goodness I purchased the speakers’ CDs so I could listen, get pumped up again and regain balance. But after a few days even the CDs would not work any more. My metaphorical level remained off balance. People who are supposed to have credibility were telling me I should feel motivated by what I was reading, hearing, and seeing, and that I needed to be passionate about my dream. Everyone else seemed motivated. Of course I must be, too.

For years I was convinced that I truly was motivated by it all. I was following all of the self-help advice. I had written personal and professional goals with dates when I would achieve said goals. I had a list of rhyming positive affirmations that I recited daily. “I am feeling energetic and lean weighing 118.” So why did I still weigh 128 pounds and why was I not a millionaire? What was wrong with me? The problem was that my mind did not believe any of it.

When I let go of all the self-help advice and focused only on whether my energy felt weak or strong, everything changed. Doors of amazing opportunities as an author, speaker, coach, and radio show host suddenly opened to me. The key was to simply monitor the way I was feeling.

Your energy changes with your thoughts and emotions. The minute your energy weakens, your metaphorical level tilts off balance indicating that your thoughts/emotions are heading away from the results you desire. The way you think affects the way you feel. The way you feel affects the way you act. The way you act drives the results you get. When your level tilts, use your metaphorical flashlight (logic and intuition) to reveal the negative thoughts/emotions at the source of your weakened energy. Once you identify the thoughts/emotions, use your metaphorical pliers to pluck them out of your mind. (Identifying the source thoughts/emotions dissipates the energy behind them and strengthens you again.) Use your metaphorical utility knife to cut the cord to all of the past experiences and memories of having those thoughts and feeling those emotions. Then, use your metaphorical hammer to hammer in believable thoughts until your energy is strong and your metaphorical level is in balance again.

Maintaining energetic balance simply means nothing affects you in an adverse way. No matter what happens around you, you remain energetically strong – and neutral. Neutral is a much easier daily state to attain than passion. When you are in neutral, you have clarity and your thoughts are taking you toward the results you desire.

So the next time you are watching a video on YouTube that is supposed to inspire you, check your metaphorical level. Do you feel worse about yourself or better as a result of watching it? Be aware of what is happening to your energy, keep it strong, and you can do anything.

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