Friday, September 24, 2010

The First Secret to Money Flowing Easily and Frequently to You

By Julie Rahm
Have you ever noticed that when you have prosperity people say things to you like “you’re lucky” or “you’re blessed”? Sometimes people actually accuse God of punishing them when they are not prosperous. The reality is that people who prosper have the mindset for prosperity. They pay attention to their relationships with people and money.

How are your relationships? Consider your answers to the following questions:

Does the energy you put into a relationship affect the relationship?

If you put your happiness in the hands of someone else, what might happen?

If you doubt someone, what might happen?

If you tell someone they are not enough, what might happen?

Do you ever tell yourself you are not enough? We say things to ourselves that we would never say in a relationship with others.

If you tell someone they let you down, what might happen? Is it too much to heal? What if you say that to yourself?

If you tell someone they are the key to your most awful stress, what might happen?

What if you say that to yourself?

Now think about all of those questions as they relate to your relationship with money. Money is an energy in this world. It is a currency and it could run away from you if you put your happiness in it, or if you doubt it, or if you say it is not enough. If you do not care about money you are not going to have any money. What you put out to the world energetically comes back to you. Is that ever not true? No! Money is a reflection of the energy you put out to the world. Your relationship with money is very important, because it is a regular gauge to the energy you are transmitting.

To improve your energetic transmissions, learn to give and receive. How much of what you receive is because of another person, and how much is because of you? I contend that 100-percent of what we receive is because of us and what we give and transmit, even though it is difficult to prove. We do not see a one-to-one correlation to what we give and receive, because giving and receiving are an energy. We are not talking about our minds or our egos. If I want to give, I do it without expecting anything in return. That way no one feels like they owe me and my relationships are not impaired.

Now think about this. What attracts you to people that keeps you in relationships with them? Think about your answer in your relationship with money. What emotions are you attributing or transmitting toward money? What if you completely deny love in a relationship? What if you place blame on the other person? What will the relationship give you?

Again, money is a flow of energy, a currency. Pretend you do not need it and it will go to someone who does.

What if you hold onto a relationship too tightly? You choke it off. The same is true with money.

Work on your relationship with yourself and with life in the little things and you will change your energetic transmissions to attract the relationships and money you desire. Change your perspective. When your metaphorical level indicates you are out of balance in your relationship with money, get out your metaphorical flashlight. Use your flashlight to shine light into the darkest corners of your mind to discover the root cause of why you are out of balance. Use the logic of your answers to all of the questions above along with your intuition. Once you identify the thoughts, fears or emotions that are tilting your level, use your metaphorical pliers to pluck them out one by one. Think of the earliest time in your life when you had the same thoughts or felt the same fears or emotions. What was happening? Who was there with you? Use your metaphorical utility knife to cut the cord to the cumulative effects of all of your similar experiences and memories. What you are really doing is recognizing the truth about your thoughts and feelings while being aware of your body, mind and spirit. In doing so you are releasing the energy behind those thoughts and feelings so you feel better, more neutral to the experiences and memories.

Then, use your metaphorical hammer to hammer in your mindset for prosperity. Talk to money. Make paying your bills a special event. Pour yourself something you like to drink. Thank the electric company while you pay their bill. Thank them because they enable you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, have light at night, cook meals, and hear music. Now of course you are happy to pay their bill!

Improve your relationship with money by thinking of the techniques you use to be better in relationships with people. Do you say sincere “thank yous” frequently? Appreciate the help money gives you. If money is a concern, then set everything else aside and focus on it 100-percent. Listen to it and honor it. Get help from a financial professional if you need it.

Now you know the first secret to prosperity – work on your relationship with money. Pay attention to your relationship with money every day. If you were money, would you stick around with you?

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