Friday, August 13, 2010

How Much Do Health Worries Affect You?

By Julie Marie Rahm

On a scale of one to ten, one being “no effect” and ten being “paralyzing effect”, how much do thoughts of your health or the health of others affect your life? In this section you will learn how to discipline your thoughts about health and reduce their effect on you to less than a three out of ten.

Health concerns top the list of thoughts that tilt the metaphorical levels of my clients. They fear that they are victims of their genetic code and are waiting for the inevitable day disease grips them. They fear for and fret over their loved ones who are ill. They think they have to live with ailments and take prescription drugs to relieve their symptoms. And, they are weary of the amount of misinformation they receive about their health and the health of those they love. Do any of those thoughts resonate with you? In the next several paragraphs you will meet two of my clients and learn how they used their metaphorical tools and the core principles to resolve their issues about health.

Let’s begin with my client who feared her genetic code and thought heart disease was inevitable for her. She came to me with health affecting her at a level of eight out of ten. We reviewed the latest science together. Without going into great detail and oversimplifying a bit, recent research by scientists and doctors like Dr. Bruce Lipton has shown that DNA in our cells is not the cell brain, but is instead merely the sex organ. Cells receive instructions on what to do from outside themselves. Ultimately, researchers have concluded that we are not victims of our genes. Rather our beliefs and expectations about our health most affect the health results we experience.

Armed with new knowledge, my client used her pliers to pluck out her thoughts and fears of being a victim of her genes and of the inevitability of disease. She hammered in the framework for good health by hammering in the thought that her truth is having a healthy body. She used her utility knife to cut the cords to the cumulative effects of all of her experiences and memories of health misinformation and disease. She manifested her healthy life by using her screwdriver to connect her intention of being healthy to her actions, her actions to results and her results to manifesting reality. She used her measuring tape to measure her results disciplining her thoughts around the subject of health. Now health affects my client at a level of only two out of ten.

The second client came to me bothered by thoughts and fears about her sister’s health that affected her at a level of eight out of ten. Her sister was only 37-years-old and had ovarian cancer. And, her sister’s children were only eight-years-old and ten-years-old. I explained to my client that we do not know what the future will bring and that at least one person has survived every disease in the world. My client’s primary job with her sister was to hold the vision of her sister as healthy and to treat her as such. The thought energy we project reflects back to us as the same energy. Fear is the worst energy to bring to an ill person. Love is the energy people need to heal.

My client understood these concepts in her head, but her heart was still full of fear. She needed neutralize her fears of the future and her past experiences and memories of women with ovarian cancer. She used her pliers to pluck fears of her sister dying from her mind. With her utility knife she cut the cords to the cumulative effects of the experiences and memories she had of people with cancer of all kinds, especially those people who died. She hammered in thoughts of pure love for her sister so there was no room for any other thought. At last my client could use her screwdriver and connect her intentions, actions and results. She felt so much calmer about her sister’s condition. Now instead of adding to the illness energy she brought healing energy to her sister and a sense of peace to her sister’s husband and children. My client had lowered the effect on her of her sister’s health to a three out of ten.

Health concerns affect people more than anything else in their lives until they learn to use their metaphorical tool kits. You can reduce the effects of health concerns by applying your tools and converting the fears that grip you into love. In doing so you will create the environment for health in your own body and in the bodies of others.

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