Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Nine-Minute Miracle Challenge - Receiving Your Prosperity-Filled Perfect 10 in Relationships, Money, Career, Purpose, Fitness and Health

By Julie Marie Rahm

Are you taking the Nine-Minute Miracle Challenge at and creating miracles in your life? If so, you started by identifying your level of prosperity in the six areas of your life listed below.

1. Relationships
2. Money
3. Career
4. Purpose
5. Fitness
6. Health

Then, you defined what a prosperity-filled “perfect 10” is for you in each category. If you had difficulty deciding what a “10” looks like to you, use your metaphorical plumb bob. Your plumb bob keeps you centered and points to the heart of the matter. Here’s how.

For each category:
First, use your plumb bob to point to what you cannot live without.
Next, let your plumb bob point to what you would like to have, even if you do not think you deserve it. If you can only think of what you do not want, let your plumb bob point to what you do want.
Finally, let your plumb bob point to the answer to this question: Wouldn’t it be cool if…?

By using your metaphorical plumb bob, you can get clarity on what a prosperity-filled “perfect 10” is for you in your relationships, money, career, purpose, fitness and health. Why are your clear definitions important? Because your answers are ideas. Ideas are thought seeds that will grow into physical reality. How? Because your thoughts determine the way you feel. The way you feel influences the way you act. Your actions create the results you manifest. Your miracles are on their way!

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