Saturday, June 5, 2010

From Answers to Actions - Intuition is the Key

By Julie Marie Rahm

So many answers. So much confusion. So little action. Having too many answers can be worse than having no answer at all. Two weeks ago I blogged about how to handle too many answers. Now that you have the one answer, let’s talk about taking action.

You have taken your metaphorical utility knife and cut away the conflicting advice and opinions of others, “gone with your gut” and connected with the answer to your dilemma. The trick now is to apply the answer in the most beneficial way. Starting with the right answer in general, the next step is to make it the right answer for your specific situation. For this you need your intuition. Your intuition will reveal the best action that corresponds to your answer. Perhaps you do not trust your intuition any more. You may think it has led you astray in the past. If that is how you feel, there is a good chance you have confused emotions with intuition. To ensure you are feeling your intuition, get your emotions out of the way. The tools you need are your metaphorical level and pliers.

First, use your metaphorical level to check your mood. Is the level showing your mood in balance or is your level tilting from negative emotions? If your mood is not balanced, identify the emotions you are feeling at that moment. Check yourself for rage, anger, anxiety, stress, tension, frustration, confusion, jealousy, resentment, revenge, guilt, grief, sadness, sorrow, depression, pain, anguish, despair, humiliation, embarrassment, shame, disgust, distrust, and un-forgiveness.

Next, once you have identified every negative emotion you are feeling, use your metaphorical pliers to pluck out each negative emotion one by one. Only then will you be free from the fog of emotions and able to feel what your “gut” intuition is truly telling you. Turn off your thinking and feel your intuition. How is the answer best applied for you? The sensation may feel like being blind and yet moving freely through your home because you know where all of the furniture is. Developing your intuition is the key to effectively responding to everything life hands to you. Intuition is a mental skill. With practice you can master your intuition and convert answers to actions. Start now. Call me for a free 15-minute consultation.

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