Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Secret to Unlimited Power

By Julie Marie Rahm

This weekend I had the delightful experience of watching the movie Kung Fu Panda. The secret to unlimited power was revealed. The secret is there is no secret. What makes someone special is simply the belief that they are special. All we have is ourselves, our belief in ourselves, and others’ belief in us.

In the movie, Po the Panda was named the Dragon Warrior, the greatest warrior China would ever see. He had dreamed about being the Dragon Warrior, “blinding his foes with his sheer awesomeness”. In reality, he saw himself as an overweight panda that was unskilled in Kung Fu. Po’s metaphorical level tilted with negative thoughts from inside himself and from the mean words of the Furious Five as they told him he could never be the Dragon Warrior. It was Po’s father who helped him hammer out the negative thoughts by revealing the secret to his Secret Ingredient Soup. There was no secret ingredient. The soup was special because people believed it was special. With those words, Po hammered in the framework for success. He simply had to believe he could be Dragon Warrior and his actions and results followed, manifesting in his defeat of the evil Tai Lung and peace in the valley.

If you keep a list of inspirational movies, add Kung Fu Panda to the list. It’s terrific!

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