Sunday, May 9, 2010

Regarding Moms

It’s Mothers’ Day, a day to celebrate and thank our moms for who they are and all they do. I’m glad someone thought up the holiday. At least once every 365 days moms can count on a word of appreciation. Often for the other 364 days we just expect moms to do what they do. After all, they are the moms - an all volunteer service.

Thank goodness moms have mastered motivating themselves. They know they are the “unknown architects” behind their husbands and children, creating a family and a household that is the best it can be. They know that raising children to be educated, good citizens is the most important job in the world. In fact, it ensures a brighter future for the world.

Most people talk about looking for another job when faced with bosses who expect them to do their jobs and other duties as assigned, void of appreciation or recognition. Another job in which their bosses will notice their sacrifices, efforts and creativity. In fact, many of my clients come to me in a career crisis, because they feel so undervalued. Moms, we appreciate you not changing jobs!

The question is do we crave words of affirmation because we have not discovered the real meaning in our work? Can knowing our daily lives have purpose and meaning balance the need for appreciation and recognition? Here is yet another application of our metaphorical levels – the balance between purpose and appreciation. Whatever we are doing at the moment is our purpose, and the world evolves best when we do our best. Whether I am washing the dishes, weeding the yard, or speaking to hundreds of people I am living my purpose. Each task has value even if only to me. Moms intuitively know this and that is why they continually execute their daily routines with competence and grace despite an appreciation deficit.

So here’s to moms. They bring us into this world and raise us to live in it. They persevere, sacrificing their needs for ours. And for one day each year, we honor and celebrate them. Congratulations, moms, on jobs well done!

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