Monday, April 5, 2010

You Think It's the Big Stuff. It's Really the Small Stuff that Keeps You Stuck

You think it’s the big stuff. It’s really the small stuff that keeps you stuck. Maybe it’s your 1980s wallpaper, or weeds in your lawn, or a spot on your carpeting. Maybe it’s your daily commute. Maybe it’s being responsible for the same chores, week after week. Maybe it’s your daily routine. The seemingly inconsequential things in your day can bring you down, affecting your entire day without you even realizing it. Negative thoughts and emotions build around the small stuff. Day after day, the effects of these minor moments accumulate until you’re just plain angry, resentful, hopeless, and depressed. Today is the day to take back your joy! All you need are three metaphorical tools in your tool belt and the willingness to use them.

The first tool is your metaphorical level. Use your level to indicate when your thoughts and emotions begin to tilt your mood toward negative and away from steadiness. Pay close attention to your level throughout the day. When the level tilts, stop and identify the cause – and don’t assume it’s the big stuff.

The second tool you need is your metaphorical utility knife. Once you determine the cause of your level tilting, cut the cord to all of the past times your level has slipped toward negative for the same reason. Cutting the cord relieves you of the cumulative effects of past experiences and memories, emotions, thoughts, and fears around the cause.

The third tool is your metaphorical hammer. Use it to hammer out your current negative thoughts and emotions around what caused your level to tilt. Then, hammer in the framework of positive thoughts and emotions that will bring back your joy.

Perhaps it would help to remember that your purpose is whatever you’re doing at the moment. If you’re washing dishes or taking out the trash, that is your purpose. Those chores are not things to rush through so you can get back to your real purpose. Do your best work. And, if it’s your house, car, yard, or other possession that tilts your level, look on it from a new perspective of awe and reverence. What maintenance does it need from you today? Now we’re getting into priorities. Next week, I will share with you how to use your metaphorical plumb bob to keep you centered in a crisis crunch and prioritize for prosperity.

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