Saturday, March 6, 2010

Your Unique Ideas are Your Gift to the World

By Julie Marie Rahm

This week I had the privilege of entertaining and informing listeners on radio stations around the U.S. and Canada about America's obsession with the Academy Awards. As the hosts and I spoke of the displays of wealth and glamour, it occurred to me that in our quest for wealth and security we often ignore our deepest desires. Our fears of disease and accidents drive us to look for jobs that provide health care benefits. Our beliefs that resources are scarce cause us to become employees who receive regular paychecks instead of entreprenueurs running our own businesses. Deep down we may want to be artists, stay-at-home-moms or dads, musicians, comedians, cabinet-makers, landscape architects, or inventors. And yet we are afraid to even try, because we are afraid we won't have the money and health care we need in an uncertain future. We may have an idea that everyone around us thinks is crazy. If we listen to "everyone", our idea remains only a thought. Unless someone else tunes into the frequency of our "idea thought" and creates something from it, the world misses out on what could have been something amazing.

What special gift is missing in the world, because we lack the confidence and faith to act on our ideas when only we understand our vision? How often do we let our need to know how we can accomplish something keep us from ever starting?

Allow me to challenge you today. Bring your spirit to life by acting on the idea that is in your heart. Take one step toward turning that idea into reality. If you have buried your ideas and visions so deeply inside yourself that you forgot you ever had them, bring them back by asking yourself what need you see in your community. What did you love or dream of as a child? When you do something that benefits people, money always comes. Forget about the how. Simply hold onto your vision and take one step every day toward fulfilling it. Keep your mind open to solutions from unexpected places. Be patient. Allow events to unfold without forcing them.

As you rediscover your ideas and visions, please share them with others through comments on this blog, or by e-mailing me through my website at and allowing me to post them for you. Your story may just inspire the person who will cure the common cold! And, whatever happens in your day, you will respond to it more productively, because you are on your unique and special life path.

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