Monday, March 22, 2010

Negative Emotions are Like Ghost Poop

By Julie Marie Rahm

Yesterday the UPS man delivered a box containing some fragile merchandise I ordered online. Excitedly, I cut through the tape and opened the box. When I did, Styrofoam pellets, fondly referred to in this house as “ghost poop”, flew everywhere! Static electricity caused them to cover my arms and chest. As I tried to remove them, pieces broke off and clung to the backs of my hands and fingers. I pushed the hair back from my face only to discover I now had ghost poop pieces in my hair and eyebrows! Frustration mounting, I called out to my husband for help. The sight of me covered from head to toe with tiny white ghost poop particles made him burst into laughter. Soon we were both laughing at how ridiculous I looked. I asked him to please help me remove the debris. As he did, the tiny white ghost poop particles clung to him! His fingers, hands, arms and chest were speckled white like mine. With both of us looking ridiculous, hilarity ensued. Finally, I grabbed a dryer sheet to combat the static electricity and rid our hair and bodies of foam pieces.

As we put the last piece of foam into a trash bag, my husband commented that negative emotions are like ghost poop. What a terrific analogy! When negative emotions come over us, they start as one minor issue and then grow and split as they trigger all of the past times we felt the same emotions. They cover us from head to toe as we wear them in our attitude and demeanor. If someone is unlucky enough to come close to us, we get our negative emotions all over them through our words and voice tone. We say something cruel or sarcastic and send that person reeling. If they are not equipped with the tools to withstand our verbal barbs, they could carry our words around rehashing them for days, months, and even years. They could keep wondering why we were mean to them without provocation, and trust breaks down.

Having the metaphorical tools in our tool belts to stop negative emotions before they become triggers is a key to self mastery. With your metaphorical utility knife and hammer, you can cut ties to the past and hammer out the negative emotion of the moment. Then, you can hammer in the framework of positive thoughts that will get you back on track to prosperity!

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