Friday, March 12, 2010

If Physicists were in Charge of Health Care

by Julie Marie Rahm

Over the past few months my blogs have focused on the mind and spirit and ignored the body. Balancing the body-mind-spirit triad is vital to our well being. So today I will write about our bodies.

Most of the focus of health care today is on our biochemistry - the food, drugs, and vitamins we ingest into our bodies. If physicists were in charge of health care, we would focus on the bigger picture. Our body's structural integrity is the real issue at hand. Imagine your car. If the engine is shot does it really matter what kind of fuel or oil you put into it?

Allow me to explain with an example. Clients come to me with complaints of fatigue. Fatigue happens because of too much relaxation in our bodies. We sit, slouch and relax our muscles all day to the point where it takes effort just to sit or stand upright. The effort we expend makes us feel fatigued. We think we need to relax more in our tension-filled lives. In reality we need a balance between tension and relaxation. Think of your heart. As it beats it tenses and relaxes, tenses and relaxes. Too much relaxation in our hearts and we need a pacemaker!

Let's look at another example. Most people want more vitality in their lives and fewer visible signs of aging. When our skin is relaxed more than it is tensed, we start to wrinkle and sag. So as you sit at your desk or drive your vehicle, remember to tense your body one section at a time from head to toe. With practice you can learn to tense your face without making a face.

The structural integrity of our bodies is about fitness, not health. We think we have health problems when we really have fitness problems in the structure of our bodies. When I use the term "structural integrity" I am referring to the general body and its physical systems, including organs, tissues, molecules, atoms, and quantum particles. Simply remembering to balance the tension and relaxation in all parts of our bodies relieves fatigue and even pain.

So the next time you feel fatigued or worry that you have a health problem, consider that you might have a fitness problem which you can easily correct!

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