Monday, March 22, 2010

Negative Emotions are Like Ghost Poop

By Julie Marie Rahm

Yesterday the UPS man delivered a box containing some fragile merchandise I ordered online. Excitedly, I cut through the tape and opened the box. When I did, Styrofoam pellets, fondly referred to in this house as “ghost poop”, flew everywhere! Static electricity caused them to cover my arms and chest. As I tried to remove them, pieces broke off and clung to the backs of my hands and fingers. I pushed the hair back from my face only to discover I now had ghost poop pieces in my hair and eyebrows! Frustration mounting, I called out to my husband for help. The sight of me covered from head to toe with tiny white ghost poop particles made him burst into laughter. Soon we were both laughing at how ridiculous I looked. I asked him to please help me remove the debris. As he did, the tiny white ghost poop particles clung to him! His fingers, hands, arms and chest were speckled white like mine. With both of us looking ridiculous, hilarity ensued. Finally, I grabbed a dryer sheet to combat the static electricity and rid our hair and bodies of foam pieces.

As we put the last piece of foam into a trash bag, my husband commented that negative emotions are like ghost poop. What a terrific analogy! When negative emotions come over us, they start as one minor issue and then grow and split as they trigger all of the past times we felt the same emotions. They cover us from head to toe as we wear them in our attitude and demeanor. If someone is unlucky enough to come close to us, we get our negative emotions all over them through our words and voice tone. We say something cruel or sarcastic and send that person reeling. If they are not equipped with the tools to withstand our verbal barbs, they could carry our words around rehashing them for days, months, and even years. They could keep wondering why we were mean to them without provocation, and trust breaks down.

Having the metaphorical tools in our tool belts to stop negative emotions before they become triggers is a key to self mastery. With your metaphorical utility knife and hammer, you can cut ties to the past and hammer out the negative emotion of the moment. Then, you can hammer in the framework of positive thoughts that will get you back on track to prosperity!

Friday, March 12, 2010

If Physicists were in Charge of Health Care

by Julie Marie Rahm

Over the past few months my blogs have focused on the mind and spirit and ignored the body. Balancing the body-mind-spirit triad is vital to our well being. So today I will write about our bodies.

Most of the focus of health care today is on our biochemistry - the food, drugs, and vitamins we ingest into our bodies. If physicists were in charge of health care, we would focus on the bigger picture. Our body's structural integrity is the real issue at hand. Imagine your car. If the engine is shot does it really matter what kind of fuel or oil you put into it?

Allow me to explain with an example. Clients come to me with complaints of fatigue. Fatigue happens because of too much relaxation in our bodies. We sit, slouch and relax our muscles all day to the point where it takes effort just to sit or stand upright. The effort we expend makes us feel fatigued. We think we need to relax more in our tension-filled lives. In reality we need a balance between tension and relaxation. Think of your heart. As it beats it tenses and relaxes, tenses and relaxes. Too much relaxation in our hearts and we need a pacemaker!

Let's look at another example. Most people want more vitality in their lives and fewer visible signs of aging. When our skin is relaxed more than it is tensed, we start to wrinkle and sag. So as you sit at your desk or drive your vehicle, remember to tense your body one section at a time from head to toe. With practice you can learn to tense your face without making a face.

The structural integrity of our bodies is about fitness, not health. We think we have health problems when we really have fitness problems in the structure of our bodies. When I use the term "structural integrity" I am referring to the general body and its physical systems, including organs, tissues, molecules, atoms, and quantum particles. Simply remembering to balance the tension and relaxation in all parts of our bodies relieves fatigue and even pain.

So the next time you feel fatigued or worry that you have a health problem, consider that you might have a fitness problem which you can easily correct!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Your Unique Ideas are Your Gift to the World

By Julie Marie Rahm

This week I had the privilege of entertaining and informing listeners on radio stations around the U.S. and Canada about America's obsession with the Academy Awards. As the hosts and I spoke of the displays of wealth and glamour, it occurred to me that in our quest for wealth and security we often ignore our deepest desires. Our fears of disease and accidents drive us to look for jobs that provide health care benefits. Our beliefs that resources are scarce cause us to become employees who receive regular paychecks instead of entreprenueurs running our own businesses. Deep down we may want to be artists, stay-at-home-moms or dads, musicians, comedians, cabinet-makers, landscape architects, or inventors. And yet we are afraid to even try, because we are afraid we won't have the money and health care we need in an uncertain future. We may have an idea that everyone around us thinks is crazy. If we listen to "everyone", our idea remains only a thought. Unless someone else tunes into the frequency of our "idea thought" and creates something from it, the world misses out on what could have been something amazing.

What special gift is missing in the world, because we lack the confidence and faith to act on our ideas when only we understand our vision? How often do we let our need to know how we can accomplish something keep us from ever starting?

Allow me to challenge you today. Bring your spirit to life by acting on the idea that is in your heart. Take one step toward turning that idea into reality. If you have buried your ideas and visions so deeply inside yourself that you forgot you ever had them, bring them back by asking yourself what need you see in your community. What did you love or dream of as a child? When you do something that benefits people, money always comes. Forget about the how. Simply hold onto your vision and take one step every day toward fulfilling it. Keep your mind open to solutions from unexpected places. Be patient. Allow events to unfold without forcing them.

As you rediscover your ideas and visions, please share them with others through comments on this blog, or by e-mailing me through my website at and allowing me to post them for you. Your story may just inspire the person who will cure the common cold! And, whatever happens in your day, you will respond to it more productively, because you are on your unique and special life path.
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